Life Update, May 2020

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My name is Muskan and I’m a twenty one year old something. I’m still figuring out if I’m okay with calling myself an artist or a poet. I have been writing since I was twelve years old and poetry’s given me almost everything I have today and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people and places that led me to it. I started this blog in January 2015, more than five and a half years ago, and it would be unfair to not acknowledge how much I have neglected it in the past year.

This place has given me so much and I know it will always be the reason why I am who I am today and I will always be grateful for it. I know I haven’t been posting regularly, or at all, and I’d really like to change that. I hope you can hold me up to it. I have been posting a lot more on my art page on Instagram (@emmess_art), simply because it’s more convenient, but this place is home and I’m not ready to leave yet. I hope I can keep up my promise and keep coming back here.

To all of you, thank you for sticking around. It really does mean a lot to me and I’d love to hear from you! If you’re still reading, send me an email at and I’d love to write back to you. I hope you’re doing okay and I hope you stay.



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