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(i) You remind me of flickering streetlights on silent streets//

(ii) There's a different kind of silence when you’re around// 

(iii) We're slow dancing. 
It's 7:43pm on a friday night, 
your favourite song plays on repeat,
on our broken stereo// 
There is music in the way you whisper my name. 

(iv) The house feels full when you’re around// 
(v) I keep changing houses looking for you// 

(vi) You left your perfume behind, 
it smells of sunshine on dark October nights// 
(vii) I miss September. 

(viii) I do not know how to grieve// 
(ix) The house has never been emptier// 
I miss the patterns your shadows drew, 
on the floorboards outside our room. 
your footsteps reminding me of the song you were// 

(x) Sometimes, I wish we could undo months//
(xi) We wouldn’t be in October today, 
the sun would shine a lot brighter, 
and the silence wouldn’t hold my heart, 
its claws choking on every word,
that I can find the courage to utter.

(xii) I miss my words. 
(xiii) They’ll never be the same without you// 
(xiv) October isn’t home. 
You were// 



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