Notes to 2019

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//notes to 2019

(i) do not get killed. 
(ii) too much Chocolate makes you sick. 
(iii) do not go around telling everyone that you’re an RSS supporter. 
Someone might actually believe you.
(iv) stop making u-turns on third gear.
(v) you do not have to honk at every cow you see. they don’t know that it means that you think that they have too much privilege.
(vi) stop being so terrified of cats. they don’t bite unless they do.
(vii) Indian Idol will come back, you’ll get through.
(viii) you’re a vegetarian even if you eat eggs in desserts. Screw people who say otherwise!
(ix) save up for that typewriter, you can sell it in the 22nd century.
(x) hold on to old woollen sweaters, they’ll be warmer 30 years down the line.
(xi) take more pictures of things you love, even if it is Archana Puran Singh!
(xii) stop obsessing over your niece, you already know she will grow up to be you!
(xiii) kumar sanu is gold, paint his music on your walls.
(xiv) buy less diaries and write more.
(xv) no two years are the same, remember that! 


2018 in a picture.


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