two ends of an incomplete heartbeat

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nothing will ever compare how beautiful it feels to believe in sunflowers and sunsets again. you draw your curtains in the morning and sketch the total of 17 times you felt at home during the past year. the music seems a lot softer, but you don’t listen to it like you used to. somedays, it feels like you’re enough and you’ll be okay even when you won’t. I won’t write a song for you today. today, you are the music. and like always, I try to match my rhythm with yours and all I hear is silence, sometimes a little too much of it that I ask myself if I was listening to music at all. but I know I was, like I know I am. there is always music around you, laughter too. the kind that makes you want to be more, a lot more. if we were two ends of the same world, I wouldn’t really know how to be. so we let our little worlds be incomplete, two halves of an empty heartbeat. there is always a home there.

_two ends of an incomplete heartbeat


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