redoing sunflowers.

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how are you? I’m doing much better now, thank you. I’ve been sketching in my journal and thinking of taking my meals on time but I haven’t been able to yet, but that’s okay. I’ve been waking up a lot earlier these days and trying to fit in more time for myself and for the blue skies turning yellow during sunrise. I’m trying not to hate the colour ‘yellow’ so much. I’m getting used to it. It’ll take a little time and a couple of fallouts but I’m hoping I’ll get there. I’m trying to build a life out of doing what I love the most; write. I’m trying to write more these days This time, for me. I tried doing it for the others, spilled ink onto paper every single day but it didn’t make me as happy anymore. And I’ve realised that it’s okay. It’s okay for things that made you happy to not make you happy anymore. And I’m fine, writing for myself makes me the happiest and I’m hoping to do a lot more of that these days, to write about sunflowers and sunshine and all the people that represent yellow and red in my life; I’m trying not to hate colour as much anymore. I’m trying to be more colour these days and to write more letters to you. I promise I’ll do a lot more of that now and you know I do not break my promises. 

But, right now, all I want to say is that I’m sorry and thank you! I’m sorry for not doing this any earlier, you know I’ve always wanted to. And thank you for bringing all the sunshine in my life, for taking it away, making me hate it and helping me out of this hatred too. thank you//

_redoing sunflowers. 

//letters from emm. 


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