My happy poem

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(i) there is too much music and too little time. 
(ii) I wish I knew where I was going with this. 
(iii) I started painting again 
and it makes my heart so happy; 
to see all of these colours have 
their hearts beat on a sheet of paper. 
(iv) I bought a pack of crayons 
and sketched the first day I met you; 
oh, the sky was so happy, it rained! 
(v) I heard you in my music today; 
your whispers in the transition 
between A minor and C major 
on my ukulele. I hear you. 
(vi) Sometimes, I think I’m the only one 
who ever did. 

(vii) I’m smiling today, without purpose. 
(viii) You’re my purpose. 
(ix) I sketched my heart today. 
(x) It made me so happy. 

(xi) The winds reminded me 
of your music today. 
I could hear myself. 
I wanted to hear myself. 
I heard a lot of my thoughts too. 
I loved it. 
(xii) I love being like this. 

(xiii) I use a lot of semi colons; 
I think I need to, 
they remind me of beginnings 
and endings and stories 
that have so much more to them; 
(xiv) I love days like these; 
I want to call this my happy poem 
but I have a feeling that I could be happier tomorrow 
and I do not wish to take that away from myself. 
(xv) I’m happy today 
and I’ll say that without any full stops; 
_my happy poem; 



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