//half an okay

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(i) it’s okay for things that made you happy 
to not make you happy anymore.
(ii) it’s okay if you don’t speak to 
the people, you used to, anymore. 
(iii) it’s okay to love a little too deep. 
(iv) it’s okay for the sky to remind you 
of all that you cannot be.
(v) it’s okay for you to whisper 
when they shout. 
you do not have to match their volume 
to have a conversation. 

(vi) your choices define you 
but it’s okay to want to undo 
what you’ve done. 
it’s okay to not make a choice,
they keep forcing you to. 
(vii) it’s okay to be loud.
(viii) it’s more than okay to be loud. 
(ix) it’s incredibly okay for you 
to be loud if it makes you more you. 
(x) it’s okay to cry, 
almost as much as it is to smile. 
Sometimes, more. 
Tears were never meant to be hidden. 

(xi) it’s okay to feel more. 
(xii) it’s okay to not feel enough. 
(xiii) it’s okay to not feel at all. 
(xiv) you’ll be fine. 
(xv) it’s okay to be you, 
even when they tell you it’s not.  
(xvi) it’s okay to feel so much more 
than they do. 
(xvii) it’s okay for you to care. 
(xviii) you’re okay. 
(xix) it’s okay to not feel okay today. 
One day you will be. 
(xx) you’ll be okay. 

_things I wish someone told me when I was in school 
//half an okay


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