Unneeded Semicolons;

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(i) sometimes, I believe that it rains only for you. 
you feel like the last song before the night ends, 
and I, a burnt out cigarette’s stub, 
forgotten in a tunnel in the middle of nowhere.

(ii) we’re a jigsaw puzzle on a Friday night, 
with seventeen missing pieces 
and half a story, 
we remind each other of a semicolon;
in a sentence that never needed it.

(iii) we write our favourite songs on paper planes, 
that are still trying to fly, 
we sail them in ships, 
and drown them after a forever, 
four minutes is a forever, 
half a letter is a forever, 
an unsaid goodbye is a forever, 
my unspoken words are a forever.

(iv) we sketch our hearts on our doors, 
and break the doorbells,
before they ever ring, 
we save the wreckage in our diaries 
and call them home.

(v) I don’t think we’re very good at hiding 
what we’re feeling, 
our silhouettes whisper more secrets than we do, 
our silences converse a lot more, 
in between full stops. 
like unwritten stories, 
some days, we pretend that we’ll be okay.

(vi) I think that we’re all just trying to be the other half
of a constellation that forgets to shine on most nights, 
some days, we’re really tired of trying to be, 
like a triangle with unstraightened edges, 
we’re always pointing towards different directions.

(vii) Some days, I wish I had your laughter recorded, 
of all the people and places that I’ve ever been, 
you feel like a heart worth beating for, 
I’d beat for you.

(viii) sometimes, I believe that it rains only for you, 
so I walk up to my roof, 
once, twice, fourteen times, 
in seven forevers, 
and eleven goodbyes, 
I have so much to say to you, 
so much of my heart beats for you, 
so I walk up to my roof, 
forget that you’re not there, 
and laugh a little. 
sometimes, I know that it rains only for you.

_unneeded semicolons;


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