things she probably doesn’t want to hear you say

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(i) I like your hair down, 
they remind me of the smell of the cigarettes I quit,
intoxicate me in whispers,
and say all that you don’t.

(ii) you remind me of half an orchid,
who is half an orchid,
but still an orchid.
you remind me of all that I couldn’t be.

(iii) I grow in the way I don’t call you,
I don’t text,
I don’t email, 
or write letters,
or carve your name
on my gravestone.

(iii) I forget how to count when I’m around you.
I got a medal for remembering numbers up to 500 in pre school,
I got an award for topping maths in 5th grade,
I love how you make me forget things that make me.

(iv) some days, I’m not very proud of the things that make me,
I don’t know how to let go,
how to untangle,
so I let be.
like you let me be.
I learn from you,
with you.

(v) you call me an escapist
thank you for noticing,
I wanted someone to,
it’s fine, really,
I’ll get back to reality in a bit,
just not now,
just not today.

(vi) thank you for the roses,you know how cliched
I think they are,
yet you do the roses
and I let them dry up,
leave them in my favourite books,
my favourite whispers underlined,
for days, I wouldn’t get roses on.

(vii) I asked myself
what made me feel free,
I was a little lost,
Aeroplanes make me nauseous
So do ships
And car rides where I’m not looking at the road
I cycle, but the roads aren’t empty anymore,
neither are the parks I wrote my name in,
maybe, my music?
I feel a little constrained in that too.
I’m trying to figure it out,
maybe I will.

(viii) I did.
The skies make me feel free,
the constellations,
the stars,
the hope of another galaxy,
full of as much love,
as this one,
I hope I meet you there someday.

_things she probably doesn’t want to hear you say



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