you’re half a metaphor.

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(i) Half of your heart is gunpowder, the other, a fully loaded gun, waiting to be unloaded. 
(ii) I remember that you forget to heal.
(iii) I’m not afraid of the fire within you. 
(iv) There are stitches on your skin that remind me of all the tragedies that you are. 

(v) Some days, your silence has punctuation too. 
(vi) On others, you only utter incomplete words and phrases that don’t belong with you. 
(vii) I tried to forget how to spell your name. 
(viii) I couldn’t. 
(ix) Some days, when you’re here, you feel 2368 heartbeats away. 
(x) On others, you beat within mine. 
(xi) I’m not sure where you are anymore. 

_you’re half a metaphor. 

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 27. 

Poetry prompt: “but metaphors help eliminate what separates you and me.”

Haruki Murakami.
A dedication to my favourite poets. (part III)


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