you, through my camera.

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(i) If there were one photograph in this world to describe who you are, what would it be?
(ii) I’m sorry the skies don’t feel too beautiful these days.
(iii) I wish I could capture all the stars with you.
(iv) Orchids are too beautiful to capture.
(v) So are you.
(vi) I have photographs of your laughter that remind me why I ever started clicking pictures at all.
(vii) I’m sorry the conversations feel too sour these days.

(viii) I buy new reel every month, a lot of it gets expired. 
(ix) There’s too much to capture, not much without you.
(x) I wish I could capture your perfume in photographs.
(xi) Thank you for all the memories that were too beautiful to be captured.
(xii) Some days, I wish you were here. On others, I pretend you are.
(xiii) It’s all the same on some days.
(xiv) Thank you for being so much of my art.

_you, through my camera.


National Poetry Writing Month, Day 18.


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