you remind me of a semi colon

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if you were a punctuation mark, what would you be? 
half a full stop, 
but not there yet
an almost, 
half a heartbeat, 
the last letter you wrote but never posted,
the last living petal of a flower,
the last word you couldn’t complete,
the words you screamed,
but never meant. 
like a sunset during a storm,
like rain when you’re lost,
so many words,
just not enough.

half a quotation mark,
a world in a phrase,
the other half of an incomplete sentence,
the last name you whispered,
the last sketch you drew,
the last song you thought of.

in the lyrics of a song,
a song you play,
and over,
and over again,
like repetition,
on a loop. 
a world within itself,
half a comma
too many words,
too little a sentence.
you keep talking 
some days, 
like wild fire
on others, 
like a lost leaf 
in an ocean.
the horizon, 
whispers your name 
in half a letter.

the silence between your sentences,
the ones you never utter,
a little home,
in the sound of your laughter,
in the words you say,
and those you don’t. 
half of you,
in the other half 
of an Incomplete sentence.

_you remind me of a semi colon

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 6


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