withering away in empty petals

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Nadia spends a lot of her time within her diary, 
Ammi doesn’t let her leave the house without Abbu. 
The last time she came home with a heartbreak, 
Ammi slapped her and shouted at her for not doing the chores. 
There was dust in her room, 
dead flowers in her drawers 
reduced to nothing but empty petals, 
reminding her of all the love that she has, 
that doesn’t have any direction. 
There were envelopes thrown around too, 
letters that Faiz sent from the army base camp, 
letters that rot away like her wishes for him to come back. 
The house feels too alone without him, 
like half a heartbeat, 
Nadia waits with bated breath for the other half of it to return, 
but all that does are the echoes of her whispers. 
Ammi only has monosyllabic conversations with her, 
Ammi only screams at her for carrying around silence, 
so much of it that no room feels big enough to fill it. 

She sits on the roof of her house some days, 
watches the sunset and whispers how her day went to Faiz, 
1346 miles away, 
her home, away with him too. 
Within her heart, sometimes he whispers back too, 
louder than the oceans, 
but not loud enough for Ammi to hear. 
Nadia laughs, for the first time in 13 weeks, 
Faiz slipped on the ground while tying his laces, 
she taught him how to knot them properly, 
he always forgets, 
like Abbu forgets her birthday every year, 
like Ammi ignores her birthday every year. 
Only Faiz remembers. 
He sends her two orchids every year, 
they last for a month, 
until they wither away 
like she does, 
a little every day.

_withering away in empty petals 


National Poetry Writing Month, Day 21. 

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