Unlearning your favourite song

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(i) I feel like I keep weighing myself down. 
(ii) Some days, I miss who I used to be. 
On others, I hate all that I’m not. 
(iii) It rained today. I followed my shadow around on all the directions I’ve never walked on, it reminded me of all the days I thought you were there. 
(iv) I tore all my letters today, letters I never posted because they had too much of my heart in them and I couldn’t really send them beyond a five mile radius without risking a heartbeat. 
(v) I’ve been learning how to play my favourite song on my ukulele. 
(vi) I’m unlearning your favourite song. 
(vii) I danced in the rain today on roads, that only I find empty. 

(viii)I keep burning photographs, and I keep hoping my memories will fade too, as the ashes do. 
(ix) I chased around my shadow today, until I couldn’t walk anymore. I feel like I keep weighing myself down. 
There is too much heaviness.
(x) My heart feels too heavy, some days I wish I could take it out and keep it aside and let it breathe. 
(xi) On most days, my heart forgets to breathe. 

_unlearning your favourite song.

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 11.


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