my heart beats to the music that I’ve never heard before

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I follow my shadow around
when it’s dark enough for me 
to not even be able to recognise it

I’ve been writing empty letters these days, 
tracing my fingertips 
to the sound of my heartbeat, 
my heart beats to the music 
that I’ve never heard before.

to the silence of waking up to a sunrise, 
that whispers my name,
until I can’t hear another word, 
until every other word feels incomplete,
until I can’t string sentences together, 
I’m a phrase, 
lost in between, 
unspoken silences 
and conversations that mean too much
but are too little. 

I colour my silhouette a
lighter shade of dark purple,
until the ocean drowns it away, 
And I count
after wave,
after wave,
of it being submerged into the horizon.

The ocean does not leave traces behind. 
My heart does. 
It beats in a pattern that reminds me 
of the chords of the first song 
I ever played on my ukulele. 
My fingers flirt with the strings, 
tiptoe like they’re escaping a fire, 
slow dancing with their ashes,
until I’m deaf to the tunes I play
and every tune I play
reminds me why I’ve 
forgotten how to play 
tunes anymore. 

_my heart beats to the music that I’ve never heard before

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 1. 


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