If you were a phrase, what would you be?

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(i) If you were a colour, what would you be?
(ii) If you could throw anything from the top of Burj Khalifa, what would you throw?
(iii) If you could take anyone with you on the longest flight in this world, who would you take?
(iv) If the last letter you ever wrote becomes a conversation with a stranger, what would the stranger say?
(v) If the next letter you write is ripped into pieces that are delivered to every person you’ve ever loved, what would you write?
(vi) If you were half a bicycle wheel that could go anywhere in this world, where would you go?
(vii) If the first person you ever said an ‘I love you’ to were to write a letter to you, what would they say?

(viii) If you could sketch your heart in a painting, what would you sketch?
(ix) If you could grow any flowers in your backyard, what would you grow?
(x) If the last fight you ever had were to happen again, would you say the same words again?
(xi) If you could make any word in this world lose meaning, what word would it be?
(xii) If you could consume all the words in this world with silence, would you?
(xiii) If you were half a semi colon, what would your other half be?

_if you were a phrase, what would you be? 


National Poetry Writing Month, Day 19.

I’ve been obsessed with book dedications these past few days, here’s one of my most favourites.


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