if silence were a language, I’d unlearn it.

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              How to unlearn a language?

(i)                riot on your tongue
scream your favourite words
and over,
and over again
until they lose all meaning.

(ii)              whisper till your throat burns
a darker shade of your blood
till every alphabet burns,
begs to be let out,
breathing in their own ashes.

(iii)            spell your promises,
like they’re written on broken mirrors,
broken like the glass
piercing through your skin
reminding you that only pain
makes you feel human,
reminding you every scrap has a price on it,
your heart will too.

(iv)            cry out in vowels
that make you feel at home,
words you could never utter,
because you’re half an incomplete phrase,
and half a question you never asked,
tremble like your sentences,
but refuse to not mean what you say.

(v)              remember you’re not
just the alphabets you speak,
or the words you can’t,
but all of your heart
in the silences
that are louder than your sentences.

_if silence were a language, I’d unlearn it.

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 2.



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