I feel as incomplete as my grocery list.

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(i) I carry your umbrella around wherever I go. I’m not sure if I’m afraid of the rain or of being without you.
(ii) They closed our favourite cafe down. The rent was too high. The street doesn’t smell of hot chocolate any more.
(iii) I haven’t had coffee since they closed our cafe down. I still haven’t cut out the price tag from the coffee maker you bought for our house.
(iv) They’re building a grocery shop in place of our cafe. the house is almost out of groceries. My grocery list feels as incomplete as I do, maybe more.

(v) It rained today. I didn’t leave the house. 
I kept wishing I was home. 
Nothing worked, not even hot chocolate from the grocery list you made.
(vi) I threw your umbrella away and wrote it down on my grocery list. 
Maybe tomorrow, I’ll start fresh.

_I feel as incomplete as my grocery list. 

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 17. 


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