I drown in paper boats.

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(i) If you give out all the love that you have, would you call yourself empty?
(ii) If you were to throw something out from the roof of your house, what would you throw?
(iii) It rained today. I didn’t leave my house.
(iv) If I were to call you by my name, would you answer? 
(v) I have too much to say, too many words within me. I spell them out in my dreams. I say everything I want to say to you in my dreams. Somedays, waking up is too much effort.
(vi) I don’t know what our souls are made of, but mine feels at home with yours.

(vii) maybe the reason i can’t really go out in the rain is because it reminds me of you. and I miss you. 
in all the rains you aren’t here.
(viii) I’m learning how to drown.
(ix) some days, breathing is suffocating. 
I don’t chase my breath anymore. On most days, it chases me.
(x) I don’t know what name to call you with. I keep trying to forget yours, it keeps coming back to me.
(xi) some days, I miss you even when you’re here.
(xii) I don’t know what to call this.

_I drown in paper boats. 

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 15. 


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