hold my hand

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(i) hold my hand, i’m a little unsteady today 
(ii) i trace constellations on your skin for i do not know how not to 
(iii) i count till three until i think of you again
(iv) i’m a little happy you’re here 
(v) you make me happy 
(vi) it’s been 47 days since you left
(vii) i follow your footsteps, i’m a little bad with directions
(viii) we sit watching the sunrise together
(ix) you remind me of who I was 
(x) sometimes i miss who i was 
(xi) the stars remind me of you 
(xii) i’ve stopped watching sunsets 
(xiii) i’ve been staring at our photograph since the last two days but nothing changes
(xiv) the lines are still blurry 
(xv) i see the skies in you
(xvi) i dream of us together 
(xvii) i’m still awake
(xviii) your scars ache a little
(xix) you sing me a lullaby
(xx) i wish you were here 

_i’d be happier if you were


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