to purple skies

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Let’s laugh in whispers 
for the world shouldn’t know
that we’re together
And when the sun sets
a darker shade of purple
let’s fade a little into forever 

let’s run on sands 
that take us nowhere 
we’ll reach where we’ve wanted to be all along 

let’s paint our hearts a little darker 
so that they don’t resemble the broken ones 

let’s call this night our own
and pretend that we’ve been here before

so when the silence hits 
and the hush takes over 
we’ll probably know where to go 

let’s scream with our footsteps 
that are a bit too chained 
so that when the cage breaks 
we’ll not call it home 

let’s be the music
that we’ve never heard 
and change the lyrics 
to call them hope 

let’s strum our heartbeats 
a little faster 
sit on the stars 
and run after the moon 

let’s count the breaths 
that we never took 
and dance on tiptoes 
before we swoon

let’s get drunk on our scars 
chase our madness 
trip a little 
and stop 

let’s just be 
as we are 
our flaws 
our scars 
our laughter 
our chaos 

tonight let’s chase who we are 
let’s let ourselves fall

_we’re purple skies together 


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