_i hate full stops

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would you still see blue if I told you that the sky is whatever colour you want it to be? 

and when you speak, no one can hear what you say? 

would you still have tears if I told you that pain makes you happy?

and hide them even if I told you that they’re as human as your laughter? 

would you want to laugh if I told you someone out there is waiting to hear it? 

and wait if I told you that there are no second chances? 

would you forgive if you knew the same would happen again? 

and still sing if you couldn’t hear your own voice? 

would you still drown if you knew how to swim? 

and call all this silence, your own grave? 

tiptoe on broken glass, and call them footsteps? 

would you scrap your scars, 

and call it healing? 

would you call the roads you lose your way on, home?

breathe in all this toxic and call the taste of the graveyard, your cure? 

would you stop your heartbeat to hear him whisper? 

and echo your wounds, scream louder than life? 

would you still walk away, if you knew there was no coming back? 

and leave, my darling, if i asked you to stay? 

_i hate full stops


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