darling, stay

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my coffee tastes a lot like 
how late you were 
the day
you decided 
not to show up. 

Your absence, 
like the smoke of the cigarette 
I never smoked 
finding home 
in the ash 
that I threw away. 

Darling, stay. 

I rebel in your perfume 
that I do not wear anymore
but the glass bottle 
isn’t empty 

And all the words 
that you do not say 
are noise. 

I hear too much 
and I say too much, 
but it’s just
never enough. 

I stopped listening to my music.
It is yours now. 

I see the gibbous 
but I’m looking at the crescent. 

Sometimes all I think of is you. 

The lines get blurry each day. 
I pretend like I know the directions. 
And I drown in all this caffeine. 

I look at the time
you’re gone already

I drink my coffee 
and walk away. 

_darling, stay 


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