running parallel

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 I like to think that if we were numbers,
we’d be co primes
the only common factor we’ll have
will be the one that we’re forced to have

there’d be no symmetry, only chaos,
but you’d be an even function,
unapologetically you
and I’d be in all the wrong quadrants  

we wouldn’t be parallel lines darling,
nor will we ever run in the same direction
or on the same path,
we’d diverge, yet never intersect

we’d manage to be skew lines,
in different planes,
and different graphs,
on the same graph sheet.

we’d do wonders, my darling,
but they’d never know
because we’d have all the irrational roots
and imaginary solutions

they’d fail to mark our origin
on the number line
or map our equations
for an intersecting point

they’d say, we’re too much of poetry
to be real
so we’ll take the escape root
and be complex

we’d be different edges
of the same cube
and all the parallel parts
of a rectangle

we’d be complimentary angles
but we’d supplement each other
we’d never lie on the same tangent
but we’d address the same circle

Our squares will add up
to form your cube
yet that would never be enough
to make it through

the silence of our division is enough
to imply that there’s little hope
but we’d add up to tend to infinity
and that’d be just enough for us two.


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