_a for almost

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my coffee is almost cold
the rain has almost stopped
and the stars, almost here
and i almost pick up my phone
then maybe i almost call
to almost hear you speak
and for the first time ever you almost say what you mean
and i tell you
my heart is almost numb
my eyes, almost sore
and you almost come back
so we almost meet
and oh we talk, we talk for hours
like you could never really leave
and i almost never give up
the scars are never here
the pain's almost gone
and i can almost hear you breathe

like you never left at all
and maybe you never did leave

maybe you never give up
and i almost trust you
and we almost know where we are going
before we almost reach
almost there
so close
so damn close
yet not close enough
we're almost here now
but maybe you were always here
and i almost believe you
but i can't
because you almost stayed.
so far
yet not far enough.
you know i'm almost enough for you
and i'm almost what you want
and i almost tell you the truth
almost like you were never gone
maybe you almost stayed too
and we were almost there 


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