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Stop, just stop. 
And hit pause for a while.

Stop trying to justify, to fight, to heal, to let go. 
Stop trying to not hurt. 
Stop trying. Just stop. 

And breathe in, breathe in all of it, your past, your pain, your misery, your memories, you. 

Let it all come back, let it all flow. 
Feel all of it, every single breath, every single moment. 
Untangle yourself. 
Untie those knots. 
And stop, stop holding back. 

Darling, listen to me. I know you've been through a lot. I know you've been through everything. All this pain, this misery was a part of you, it still is, and it always will be. 

It happened, there is no denying that nor is there any way out. There are no second chances, no retakes in life. There's no reverse. And I know you still have those scars that make you want to quit. 

I know how hard you try to hide your scars, how hard you try to forget it happened, how hard you try to blank out your memories. 

But, darling, never hide your scars. Never hide them. Be proud of them. You've been through enough and you came through. You made it, darling! 

Oh, look how you made it! 

You're here now and even though all this is still a part of you and all this is you, this isn't everything about you. Your past doesn't define you. Never let it define you darling. Never. 

For you are much more than just the memories of your past, the scars of your heartbreaks, and the days of endless pain. You are much more than your hidden tears, your lost laughter, your numb eyes, and your surrendered innocence. 

You're much, much more than all that darling. You're everything you want to be, and everything they say you can't.  

Never sell yourself off easy, my darling. You're not just a star, you're the entire galaxy, and much more than that. 

So the next time, when they ask you who you are, speak. Speak, my darling, and be so damn loud that it deafens and silences the entire universe. Tell them who you are, my darling, tell them who you are before they tell you who they want you to be. 

Embrace your past, darling and welcome your future with open arms, for your sorrow doesn't define you, it completes you. 

And you, you are so complete in who you are darling, that you can be your own universe!


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