Us, Ours.

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Helloo, people of the internet!
 Emm Ess, as she's known here, has invited me and a few other lucky authors to share her space. I'm not into author's notes so I'm gonna make this short. Emm Ess will introduce all of us separately,if you're confused. I hope you like/vaguely understand all the feelings I try to put into my posts. This post is rather overly romantic or...whatever, but the story is incredibly close to me. Hence, I have chosen this one to feature in my first appearance here. 

I dreamed of that place tonight.

The place that we loved

The place that saw us become 'us'
The place that we ran away to
The place that hid us away from them
The place where we lay watching the stars
The place where we tried to turn clouds into cartoons
The place where we laughed for hours at our unreal lives
The place where we felt real
The place where we talked because we needed to
The place where we slept after loud fights drove us away from home
The place where they would never think to find us
The place where only you knew to find me
The place where I would come looking for you
The place that gave us comfort in its silence
The place that became our escape
The place that was our piece of beauty in the ugly world
The place that became ours when we it gave us 'us'

I dreamed of that place tonight. I dreamed of you. I haven't been back there since you left. It wouldn't be right without you. I want to keep that moment as it was in my memory. 

She stood straight as the wind blew her hair back, standing in that place. The place they had claimed for themselves in this world. She was right. It didn't feel right coming back here without him.  She took out her letter. The one she had written to him. The one he never got.

"We were never meant to have this. Our lives were gonna pull us away eventually. They’ll find us here. They’ll ruin this place for us. They’ll ruin us, just like they ruined themselves. So I’m gonna walk away. From you. From this moment. From this place. Because we know that this is too good to be true. That things can only go downhill from here, So to preserve this feeling right here, I’m gonna walk away before it gets a chance to become anything more. Or anything less"

She sat down feeling the grass, soaking in the sight around her. Their place hadn't changed at all. It was untouched by the rest of the world. Still theirs only. She looked around taking it all in. Nothing had changed. But something had. This time he wouldn't come looking for her, knowing she would need comfort. Only she hoped he did. She hoped he would find their place once again. Just like she had. 


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