Torrent or Trickle?

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“But metaphors help eliminate what separates you and me.”
-Haruki Murakami

Tell me darling, would you choose a hurricane over a breeze?
A torrent over a trickle?
An avalanche over a rolling stone?

Tell me darling, will you choose me? 

For this is everything I am,
Chaos and all the mess along.
Everything you can’t define,
Everything that doesn’t belong.

So darling, do you promise to stay?
To choose storms over rainbows? 

Sunsets over sunrise?
Rains over sunshine?

Will you stay when the stars refuse to shine? 
Or when our silence gets too damn loud?

What if the moon disappears when we meet? 
And what if the night gets too proud? 

Will you still stay without the illusions of hope?
If tomorrow doesn’t seem beautiful anymore?

Will you stay when they ask you to let go? 
Will you hold on to me, darling? 

Or will you do as they always do,
Leave and let go of me? 

P.S. Some dreams are about waking up.

Till simply the beyond,


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