Se libérer

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“You got a fast car.
Is it fast enough so we can fly away?
We gotta make a decision,
Leave tonight or live and die this way!”

It doesn’t hurt anymore, and maybe that’s what hurts the most.
It took a long time for me to admit this, but, I’m done.
I’m completely done, once and for all.

I’ve chained myself down for way too long.
It’s time to break free.
Sometimes, freedom isn’t a right. It isn’t a claim, either.
It’s a decision.
And I chose to be free, now.

I’m not asking you to let me go, for it not your decision to take. Not anymore, at least.

I’m letting you go. And I’m letting go.
I’m leaving tonight. I have to do this now.
I can’t put this off any longer.
Holding on is what’s killing me, and I don’t want to die anymore.

I’m not leaving because I don’t care.
I’m leaving because I care too much, and that is killing me.

I just hope that you know that I will miss you. More than I can ever admit. More than you’ll ever know.

It’s time I start breathing again.
But, this time, for me.

Here’s to just another goodbye.
I keep getting better at this, don’t I?
Don’t worry, you’ll get used to this as well.

I just hope that you can find your own way and free yourself. 

Find your own exit.
Fly tonight, or die this way! 

And I hope you fly. 

Till then, 
And beyond, 



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