Chaos and Logic

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“I had a dream that when I woke up you were finally there.”

She put down the mirror from her wall. It didn’t make sense to her anymore.
Without him, nothing really made sense to her. 
And with him, chaos was logic.

Maybe she lost herself in him, maybe he lost himself in her, and maybe they completed each other.
After all, he was the logic to her chaos. 

The pills stopped working for her a long time ago, yet she took an overdose the last night, trying to numb the pain.
It didn’t make any difference, though.
And, why would it?
Aren’t some pains too real to be numb?

She keeps hoping though, wishing for better days.
Hope has now become her addiction, her reason for holding on, her drug of choice.
But without him, even breathing is suffocation. 

If they completed each other, then how could they break each other more than anyone else ever could?

Probably because sometimes, even love isn't enough. Sometimes, nothing is enough. 

She blames it on the stars, though. 
And you should too
Things become a little easier that way.

P.S. I miss missing you.
But if this is how it is meant to be, so be it. 
I know some things are always too good to be true. 

I just wish that you can find the grace to get through though. 
Because I know I can't. 

Till the next time, 
And probably beyond, 


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