To Stars That Dim For Us

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“I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say.”
-         Virginia Woolf

It’s been a while darling,
But it seems longer than it is.
So much I have to tell you,
So much that just is.

I know, time is running short,
But listen to me before you go.
Maybe we could pick out a tree,
Ask our silence to sound low.

Lie down for a while,
Ask the stars to dim out,
Light up the black candles,
Call it a blackout?

I want to whisper my secrets to you,
And ask you to pick out the lies.
Tell you how much you mean to me,
You know, you’re my entire life?

I want to run away with you, 
Find our own little someday, 
Write our destinies together, 
Oh darling, what do you say? 

Don’t leave me here, darling.
For alone is not me anymore,
I am just another part of you,
And I want you even more.

There is no me, without you.
But then again, there is no you.
It’s all just an illusion, darling.
You know, we're too good to be true. 



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