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That's a funny word.
You know what else is funny? 
People asking for it.
I mean, in today's world, getting approval is one of the hardest things one can hope for. 
But one can hope for it, right?
To me, people asking for approval is the same as an extra large african elephant asking to be invited to a party of extra mini Tanzanian ants. 
A hopeless cry. 
But what if that does happen? 
Take, for instance, that this just happened. 
Then what? 
Not so hopeless anymore, is it?
But what I'm trying to say is that the reason behind the question of the elephant being answered in an affirmation is solely because of the existence of the concept behind a word 'acceptance'.
Such a beautiful word.
Yet a word breaking dreams and tearing hearts. 
Because it is in the habit of being confused with 'approval'. 
A word that kills.
Nevertheless, coming back to the point I'm hopelessly yet desperately trying to make.
You know those people with their heads in the air, their noses above their heads and their eyes even higher. 
Yes the kinds that tend to fall a lot. Or not. 
But the kinds wearing such high heels that they waltz away into glory. Every single time.
You might have gotten it. 
Yes those kinds of people. 
They're rare, aren't they? 
No. Not anymore.
Anyways. Back. 
I might have confused you.
A lot. Maybe. Maybe not.
But you know why they have their heads such high in the air? Because they stink. Simply because they don't bathe for months and years. And then they start to stink. A lot. So hence they have to walk with their heads and noses high in the air so that they do not have to bear the smell that they give out so easily and eternally.
And why their eyes then? 
Basically because of the concept of 'herd following'. If they're looking up and not looking in front when they're walking, there must be something interesting they're looking at? There must be? Or must there?
Nevertheless, in anticipation and newborn curiosity, the people coming in their path divert their vision to the source attracting much attention and oh so, accidentally, miss out on the stink, oh so, gracefully, given out, by these people.

And then comes approval.
Hopeless. Yet a desperate cry for a completely familiar yet unconditionally alien concept to mankind.
But we require it. 
Because somehow, over time, it has grown to become our want, our need. 
It's like a drug we never took but are desperately hoping to get just because everyone else did. 
And if we don't have it, we're hopeless. 
That's what they say, don't they? 
Different words. Yet same connotation. 
And we, like other, extra large African elephants demand to be approved by the one that got invited. 
We're all doomed, aren't we? 
Lost in a delusional reality. 
Why, you ask? 
Maybe it's because we're so consumed in the concept of approval that we forget about acceptance and maybe, somewhere along the line, we forgot what we had to do and started stinking as well? 
Maybe, somewhere along the line, we started looking up as well? Higher. A bit every day, every second. 
And maybe, somewhere along the line, we started extending our noses a bit out of reach and our eyes, well, too much out of reach.

Yes. We started stinking. Or sinking. Or both. 
But we did. 
And somewhere along the line, we forgot who we were, we forgot what we had to do, who we had to be, who we wanted to be and who we are.
And we became someone else. 
Someone different. Entirely different to us. 
Someone accepted? 
No. Not someone accepted. 
Someone approved. 
Just, approved.


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