Joe and Cal Part 2- "How Much Longer?"

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Joe and Cal Part 2- "How Much Longer?"

“How long till we reach, Cal?”
“Just a few more minutes, Joe.”
“How many minutes, Cal?”
“I said, a few!”
“Ugh, I am tired and hungry, Cal. Can’t we teleport and reach home now?”
“No. You know, we’re not wizards, Joe, but I wish we could. I really do.”
“Ugh. Fine then!”


“Yes, Joe?”
“Why don’t we just step off this bus and run home? I’m sure we’ll reach faster.”
“Haha Joe! This bus is much faster and safer than a night time sprint across the city in this dark.”
“We’re doomed, Cal. The mice in my stomach have declared a strike and I need to urgently go take a pee.”
“Have some patience, my little Joe. I’m sure we’re about to reach.”
“That is it. I can’t have patience. Didn’t I just tell you that we’re doomed and if don’t get a washroom now, I’m gonna be done for.”
“Aww Joe! It’ll all be fine. We’re not doomed. Why don’t we get you distracted? Tell me something Joe, what is that you love the most in the world?”
“Right now? A washroom, the comfort of my own bed, the smell of food and a good night’s sleep would do.”

You know Joe, my most favourite thing in this world is the enchanting night sky. Look, how beautiful it looks with all its blemishes well hidden, secrets intact and the stars shining with just the right glimmer of mischief and glint of curiosity.” 

“Cal, you told me mom is also there, a part of the night sky. I don’t see her. Where is she?”
“Joe, look closely. You’ll find her among these very stars.”
“But.. but.. I don’t see her Cal. I think she’s punishing me for not eating spinach.”
“No, Joe. She’s not punishing you. She’s right there. Look at the North Star. I find her in there always. Maybe you can find her as well.”
“What is the north star, Cal? Is it a hotel?”

“No Joe, it’s not a hotel. It’s the most prominent star in the night sky. You’ll always find it there. It shines the brightest, you know?”
“Really Cal? Well, then the other stars must be jealous of it..! I feel bad for them.”

“Little Joe. The other stars are not jealous of it. They’re proud of it. It’s extremely helpful, you know. It guides everyone, shows them the way and it has always guided me. Mom has always guided me. I see her in that star. I see her smiling at us. She even laughs sometimes when you ask your trademark Joe questions but mostly, she feels proud of us.”

“She is proud of us? Proud of me, Cal?”
“Ofcourse, she is proud of you Joe. She told me she loves you the most!”
“Aww Cal, I think she loves you as well. Don’t feel bad!”
“Haha, I’m not feeling bad Joe because even I love you the most!”
“So much love? Does that mean, I get choco chip ice- cream after dinner?”
“Joe, what did I tell you about not always equating love with ice cream?”
“Cal.. Its not just any ice cream! Its choco chip! :D”
“I know Joe but tell me one thing, weren’t you desperate for going to the washroom?”
“Oh Cal. I’m dying here! I need to go to the washroom now and I am so tired. Cal..?”
“Haha Joe, then it’s a good thing we have reached home, right?”
“We have? Yes :D Then, yes it is, Cal. Yes it is..
By the way Cal, do think about my idea of teleporting with a clear mind! :D”

“I will, little Joe. I will.”


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