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You know those moments when you are so confident of your decisions, of your life and yourself? 

You're sure that everything is perfect and even if it's not, it'll all work out well. 

You know that you're walking on the same beautiful path you've always wanted to walk on.

..And. You're happy.


But then suddenly..

Your entire life shatters to little pieces. 

In mere seconds, everything is gone. 
The assurance.
The hope.
The perfection.
The surety.

It all disappears. 
It all fades away.

. And all you're left with is..

And then you lose yourself. 

You don't know who you are anymore. 

You try to make sense of what little remains.

But you're falling to pieces.

And there's no one to pick those pieces up, to pick.. you up. 

There's no one to help you, no one to solve the puzzle and.. no one to join the pieces together.

Absolutely no one.

Just you and your shadow.
And the silence.
..And.. The confusion. 
And.. The 'what-ifs'.



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