Maybe ^_^

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Maybe we'll find some happiness in the infinity of hell,
Though life has kept us tortured in the good days as well.

Maybe we'll learn to laugh when the apocalypse takes over,
Our demons fidget to find us at every crossover. 

Maybe the shallow darkness will engulf us some day,
As the hopeless hope of tomorrow feeds on innocent little prey.

Maybe one day we'll put all our prejudices aside.
And learn to let go of our supercilious pride.

Maybe we'll understand that its our own vanity which deceives us,
And we'll learn to forget which dark shadows surround us. 

Maybe one day we will let go of all our misconceptions,
Take some formidable risks and ruin our deceptions.

Maybe we'll take chances and fulfil our somedays,
And set our hopes and our freedoms all ablaze. 

Maybe someday we'll be free to dream, to desire,
And be worthy enough to set our demons on fire.

Maybe one day we'll know who we are and where we stand,
And build castles and palaces of our dreams from this sand. 

Maybe someday we'll be more than mere specks of dust,
Maybe, just maybe one day we'll gain our own trust.


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