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Just the trivial and mere possibility of a crooked, bashed up, and broken 'maybe' being true is just too magical for me to forsake all my hope. Even though it seems impossible looking at the fastidious fairplay of destiny but the fact that a bit of a chance does exist, even in the tiniest of ways, cannot be completely overruled or just brutally ignored. 

This world is cruel and happiness extremely rare but still a glimmer of hope does exist even if it is as minor as an unnoticed speck of dust and that glimmer can eventually lighten up everything in its entirety. 
Society's brutal, destiny's hopeless and my dreams, well they're on the verge of extreme extinction but giving up is worse than losing.

The whole concept of 'Someday', as relative as it is, has spelled eternal misery for this entire blooming century but eternity is a very long time and maybe, a magical dream.

For hope to be forgotten, thoughts need to be frozen and dreams scraped off. For someday to be eliminated, stars need to be dimmed and oceans silenced but for a maybe to be destroyed, hearts need to be beating yet dead and this world, well to put it simply, doomed!

Reality is but a mysterious fragment of our imagination and truth be told, we can mend it to our liking. Every weaver of our destiny can be deceived, every copy of our memories torn off and every needle knitting our dreaded fate, bewitched.

But the surreal truth is that we never really get what we want. We just receive an imprint of it and we satisfy ourselves with the assurance of a mere piece of a large puzzle. Its all a con of our mind that makes us give up and surrender to a sense of fake hegemony. 

Yet its all a game of deception and perception, where the players never win and winners never play..!.


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