Joe and Cal- Part 1- "Too Fast"

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“The fan’s moving too fast. I think it’s gonna fall down”

-.-“Don’t be silly, Joe. The fan never falls down on anyone!”

“When it falls down, I think it’ll suck all the life and energy from me and then I’d be nothing more than a gruesome corpse. Reminding you”

 “Do you think about her much..
.. you know.. ma?”

“Sometimes. I think that all these ladies have these stupid competitions in heaven like ‘whose children think the most about them’ or something. So I figured that I probably should, you know, just to keep her honour or whatever.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t deny that you miss her! But why do you think that they will have such depressing competitions?”

“They’re old, they’re ladies and they have nothing else to do. Of course they’ll do stupid stuff.

I still think that the fan’s moving too fast, Cal. It’s gonna fall down.”

“The fan won’t fall down, relax. I think. It has something fit in it which prevents it from falling down. Why do you think that it will fall down?”

“I think that the fan is tired and bored. Hanging around all day and spinning its wings in the same direction again and again millions of times. I know I would be bored. Wait, I think the fan wants to fall down.
..Cal, why do think that the fan wants to fall down?”

“I don’t know, you’re the smarty pants. You tell me.”

“I think that the fan wants to take revenge. You know its swings around all day and all night, forces its will to do the same thing again and again and sometimes injures its wings in the process but still goes unnoticed. I think that the fan wants to sacrifice his life for attention, or maybe more… freedom.”

“Joe, I think you’re being paranoid. The fan doesn’t have feelings or it’s not desperate for attention. It’s just there, like it always has been, on the ceiling.”

“Cal, the fan’s moving too fast. Should I move away, I don’t want to be a corpse yetL

“You won’t. Stop being delusional. You have homework to do and I am late for work. Take care of yourself and do not dare try fiddling with the fan. Let it be”

“But Cal, I am serious, the fan will fall down. I can sense it.”

“No you can’t sense it Joe. You’re just scared and it’s okay. Fear is usual but you can’t let it control you. Joe, tell me, what are you afraid of? Maybe we can work it out together.”

“There’s nothing to work out Cal. Just the fact that you’re too scared to accept that the fan will fall down and it will fall down hard.

The fan’s moving too fast, Cal. I think its gonnaa…”

*Thump. Dhushh.*



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