That Christmas

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The enchanted fairy lights lit the street up bright,

Hope and Magic filling that beautiful Christmas night.

And traces of happiness filled every single face,

For the first time nothing really felt out of place.


The night was young, their hopes brimming,

In unusual revelry, people were dreaming,

Hope was visible, joy had finally taken over the city,

Laughter was audible, no trace of any enmity.


The fragrance of freshly baked bread swirled around everywhere,

The paintings of the reindeers gathered every stare.

Animated faces became the joy of the night,

All the people had finally deserted their shallow plight.


And slowly I saw happiness gracefully descending the stairs,

Glimmering steps around her, her dress bellowing out in flares.

And in this beautiful mix of vibrant colours everyone fit in somehow,

Their quirks, their traits, their differences all felt non-essential now.


In every house the spirit was alive, hopes and dreams breathing,

In every nook and corner lay some glitter, every story a happy ending.

Even the poor street dwellers had found a home to stay in tonight.

Even the dodgiest city corners had light shining helplessly bright.


Even the subtle yet week whispers of the little homeless girl had been heard,

Today her dreams hadn’t been unnoticed, her solemn wishes not gone unheard.

She had found what she wished for, finally received what she deserved,

And on her solemn little face, I saw a toothless grin slowly unfurl. 


For years, the poor girl had been living on the streets,

For years, she had been battling her wretched destiny.

For years, to every passerby she had been showcasing her plight,

For years, she had been selling toys near a dreaded red light.


For years, bits of food and torn clothes was all she had.

For years, just getting a longer red light made her glad.

But today was different, today was magic.

Today her story was not merely tragic.


Today she was happy, a luxury she couldn’t afford,

Today she didn't allow her dignity to get sold.


Today she found a place to live, a place called home,

Today she found somewhere she wouldn’t be alone,


Today she had found a family, that she could call hers forever.

Today she had found happiness she could forget never.



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